Thursday, May 6, 2010

Marvin Rodriquez Home in Aboitizland's Kishanta Subdivision


View at early in the morning: Housewarming preparation
View at dusk: Housewarming party
Mountain view: Housewarming party
Late night view: Housewarming party


Wooden stairs to the main door
Closeup shot of the wooden stairs
Marvin and Christine by the stairs
The living room with cozy sofas
Stylish overhanging lamps
The living and dining room
The dining table
Top view of the dining area
Mountain view from the dining area
Spacious kitchen showcase
 Classic kitchen lighting
Minimalist stairs leading to the 2nd floor
Closeup view of the stairs attached to the wall
Christine by the stairs
Marvin and Christine by the stairs
 A floating bed guarded by two stylish lights
A bed fit for royalty
A Japanese inspired futon
Marvin and Christine by the bedside
 Marvin and a friend in the balcony that offers 180 degrees view of Cebu City


 A very classy lavatory
 A very classy toilet

Shower room the likes of 5 stars hotels

A home carved out by the hands of God...
The Rodriguez Residence in Kishanta Subdivision, Aboitizland